Wedding Flowers: 5 Tips For Choosing Yours

Wedding Flowers: 5 Tips For Choosing Yours

Wedding flowers are one of the most crucial boxes to tick off your wedding day checklist, since the floral arrangements you choose help set the tone and style of your day, from the wedding bouquet you carry down the aisle to the centre-pieces at the wedding breakfast tables.

Bouquet of roses Image by: Marnie Burkhart/Corbis
Bouquet of roses Image by: Marnie Burkhart/Corbis
Marnie Burkhart, Corbis

Not only do you want something that looks beautiful, photographs well and fits in with the theme of your day (and the season), you also want something that smells delicious (you'll be sniffing this particular bouquet more than any other, we predict).

Some people may even enjoy the symbolism associated with certain flowers - Lily of the Valley is linked to happiness and sweetness, roses are equated with love and beauty and sweet peas stand for delicate bliss. Marigolds - however gorgeous - are historically associated with grief and jealousy.

When it comes to choosing your wedding-day flowers, remember, it's all about complementing not only the wedding dress and setting, but also your personal preferences.

As with every other aspect of the wedding, your wedding flowers are an opportunity to add an individual touch to your celebration or to include something meaningful (the Duchess of Cambridge used Sweet Williams as a special memento in her bridal bouquet), like accessorizing your blooms with a vintage brooch or hankie.

Flowers can even inspire the whole occasion: our favourite fictional queen bee, Blair Waldorf's, love of pink peonies provided the palette for her pink-hued Gossip Girl wedding.

By Bruce Russell

We spoke to Marianne Johnson, owner of Sweet Pea Flowers, to find out her five top easy tips to help you decide which wedding flowers are perfect for you, no matter your style (or how knowledgeable you are about flowers!).

1. Consider your budget

From the off you'll need to know what you can afford so your florist can suggest appropriate ideas for you.

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