12/09/2014 07:27 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Hugh Grant Talks For First Time About His Love For Toddler Son

Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant has spoken for the first time about his love for his two-year-old son.

The famously private actor told a Swedish newspaper said he sees his boy almost every day.

And he said his romance with the toddler's mother, Swedish television producer Anna Eberstein, was over but that they remained close.

It's the first time he has publicly spoken about his unnamed son – his third child – who was born in September 2012.

The Notting Hill star, 54, went from being childless to a father of three in the space of just 15 months. He has a daughter, Tabitha, and a son, Felix, by Tinglan Hong, and the two women were pregnant with their sons at the same time.

Speaking to Swedish newspaper Nöjesbladet, Hugh said he had plenty of contact with his son, whose second birthday was last week.

He said: "[I see him] all the time, all the time - most days."

He added that his relationship with the boy was 'excellent', and said: "I love him very much."

Hugh's son was revealed when the star suddenly added himself to the boy's birth certificate, more than a year after he was born. When the baby was first registered, the father's name was left blank. The boy's name hasn't been revealed.

Talking about the toddler's mum, Anna, 35, Hugh said: "We are very good friends and she's a very good mother."

The actor also spoke warmly about Sweden, which he has visited several times.

Anna's mother, Susanne Eberstein, is a Swedish judge and prominent left-wing politician who has described her grandson as a 'wonderful little cute boy'.

Hugh told the newspaper he felt 'very comfortable' in Sweden and said he would be back next summer, adding: "On the whole, I've been trying to get out of showbusiness for the last five years.

"I really don't do very much acting any more. I'm doing a film next spring, but mostly my life is politics."

The actor gave his interview at a racetrack in the town of Skåne Knutstorp where he was test-driving a Ferrari in a charity race.

Explaining why he was taking part, Hugh, who drives luxury cars including a Ferrari around London, said: 'I felt it was a test of my manhood and I had to say yes, because I do own these ridiculous cars, and I have done a lot of lessons in how to drive them, but I've never done a race, so it feels like I have to have a race. And it's for a very good cause, it's for a cancer charity."