Sharon Osbourne Laughs After Husband Ozzy Osbourne Gets Into A Journalist's Car By Accident (VIDEO)

Ozzy Osbourne suffered a pretty embarrassing mishap this week when he accidentally got into the back of a complete stranger’s car, thinking it was his own ride home, much to the amusement of his wife, Sharon Osbourne.

The two were out together when they were approached by journalists, who former ‘X Factor’ judge Sharon was happy to chat to for a few minutes.

However while she turned on the ‘Mrs O charm’ and answered their questions, what she clearly didn’t notice was that her husband had wandered off to get into their car, only to clamber into the completely wrong one by mistake.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

Upon realising her husband’s unfortunate faux pas, Sharon was then seen shouting after a totally oblivious Ozzy, who by this point was sitting comfortably in the back of one of the journalist’s cars ready to go home.

At least he hadn’t dozed off.

Sharon was recently announced as one of the latest recruits to join the ‘Loose Women’ panel, alongside Gloria Hunniford, Penny Lancaster and former Queen of Daytime, Judy Finnigan.

Her new TV venture isn’t the only thing she has to be excited about, though, after Sam Bailey - who she mentored on last year’s ‘X Factor’ - gave birth on Wednesday, having already said she wanted Sharon to be the newborn’s godmother.

She took to Twitter to express her excitement, writing:

A day later, she publicly hit back at critics who suggested she might not have been completely committed to her godmother duties, writing:

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