13/09/2014 11:47 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Angelina Jolie's 'Incest' Kiss Explained For First Time

Who could forget that time Angelina Jolie was pictured kissing brother Jamie on the Oscars red carpet back in 2000?


While everybody thought it was a bit, well, weird, Angelina's former childminder and family friend says it wasn't, actually.

Cis Rundle, friend of Angelina's mum Marcheline, who helped care for the actress as a child, has now come forward to say there was nothing more to the moment than sisterly love.

According to the Mirror, Cis told Radar Online: "The day she kissed Jamie at the Oscars, it was the first day Marcheline was treated for cancer. They left the hospital together and got ready together."

"Nobody in the world knew that they spent the day in the hospital. It was like, 'Look where we're at now.' But the world saw something incestual. It was meant to be 'Here we are.' They only ever had each other. They had a very tight relationship with each other and their mother."


Meanwhile, Angelina is in a happy newlywed bubble after marrying Brad Pitt at their home, Chateau Miraval, in the South of France on 23 August after 10 years together.

Angelina wore a white silk-satin gown, designed by longtime pal Donatella Versace, featuring a gathered bust and elongated train. It was also detailed with embroidered drawings of her children's artwork. So cute.

The couple are now enjoying a family honeymoon in Malta, where they are also shooting By The Sea, their first film together since Mr and Mrs Smith.

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