Gamers Are Filling Nintendo's Miiverse With Soft Porn

Well this is awkward. Nintendo's family-friendly and all-round 'nice place' the Miiverse has been invaded with a slew of pictures that might not be best suited for work or home.

Images of women -- both real and animated -- in varying states of undress have started appearing in Nintendo's game-focused social network.

CVG reports that while Nintendo usually has strict control over what you can post, some gamers have discovered a glitch with the game 'Mario & Luigi Dream Team' which lets you trick the console into posting a screenshot of the web browser rather than of the actual game.

It didn't take long before a number of slightly NSFW images started appearing.

Nintendo has since posted a patch for the game which resolves the issue but because it's optional it'll only fix the problem if the gamer wants it fixing.

Of course Nintendo has removed all the offending images so far and expect that policy to continue until gamers eventually tire of it.