16/09/2014 12:55 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Bedtime! This Is The Reality Of 7pm For Parents And Kids

Huffington Post/ Helen Goldman

What does bedtime look like in your house?

Pristine children who've brushed their teeth (without making a fuss) settling down to enjoy a bedtime story OR a whirlwind of last minute homework and kids frantic to eke out the last minute of play?

The Huffington Post asked their readers to send in photos of their families at 7 o'clock in the evening, and the pictures they received are both beautiful and hilarious....

Huffington Post/Atithan Yamada

"What can I say?" - Atithan Yamada

Huffington Post/Caroline Etter

"Dinner, homework and lunches for tomorrow are done. mum is sitting in a hammock and watching the kids, big and small, play outside on a beautiful end of day before bath time." - Caroline Etter

Huffington Post/Deanna Greenstein

"Kitty snuggling here in Brockton, Ma!" - Deanna Greenstein

Huffington Post/Elizabeth Miller Smith

"Finishing a homework project that was due yesterday..." - Elizabeth Miller Smith

Huffington Post/Heidi McAfee

"Chillaxin before bath time." - Heidi McAfee

Huffington Post/Helen Goldman

"Playtime before bedtime." - Helen Goldman

Huffington Post/Jennifer Kolosky Eastman

"Getting twins ready for bed." - Jennifer Kolosky Eastman

Huffington Post/Karen Anne Quintero

"Night time playground time helps everyone sleep better!" - Karen Anne Quintero

Huffington Post/Kate Eryn Cywinski

"Bath and bedtime... Also known as Happy Hour." - Kate Eryn Cywinski

Huffington Post/Kate Krayley

"Just finished nursing this sweet toddler and now praying for sleep." - Kate Kraley

Huffington Post/Katie Reed

"7pm is wind down to bedtime with a bit of quiet drawing." - Katie Reed

Huffington Post/Kristin Troncoso

"Not always bath time right at seven, but that's what we aim/hope for." - Kristin Troncoso

Huffington Post/Leah Brandi Deragon

"Brushing teeth." - Leah Brandi Deragon

Huffington Post/Megan Griffith

"Being told 'what for' by my sassy one-year-old at dinner time." - Megan Griffith

Huffington Post/Shanda Shultz

"Even princesses brush their teeth." - Shanda Shultz