Best Smartphones To Buy For Christmas 2014

These Are The Phones You Should Buy This Christmas

These are the best smartphones in the world and with Christmas fast-approaching there's only one list you should be looking at and this is it.

Whether it's the new iPhone 6 or the well-priced Moto X there's a phone for you. With the newly designed Note 4 you'll be able to be as productive while still holding a phone that looks as good as any out there.

Or perhaps lasers are more your thing? In which case LG's titanic G3 is the phone for you with a stunning 2K screen and laser-autofocus.

Of course all this top trumps may not be up your street in which case the Galaxy Alpha might just be the answer. With a wafer-thin metallic body and all the same features as the Galaxy S5 it's the phone Samsung is hoping will pry customers away from buying the iPhone 6.

Take a look below, check out our reviews and decide for yourself.


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