Robot Squid Can Traverse A Maze Like A Pro

This Slithering Robot Is Fascinatingly Gross

MIT has been cooking up some of the world's most innovative machines for a long time - and their latest project is no different.

Developed by doctoral candidate Andrew Marchese and PhD student Robert Katzschmann at the Computer Science and Artificial Lab, this slithering soft robot is able to contort itself through a maze of difficult shapes and puzzles.

The arm is made using purely silicone which is then inflated and deflated forcing the arm to move in the desired direction.

As Marchese explains however this is something which is far easier said than done.

“To move a robot to a particular point in space, you have to determine the specific set of curved arcs needed to get there, which is a tricky task in itself, now imagine moving it through a compact space like a pipe, and having a whole array of points that need to be reached over time. That goal makes the underlying programming much more complicated."

In terms of intelligence the robot is nothing more than a tool, there's no brain inside it or sensors as yet. Instead the team are simply focusing on what they believe is a much more viable form of movement for modern 'soft' robots.

Having successfully tested this robot the team plan to make a new version which will include a hand-like gripper at the end of the robot.


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