16/09/2014 16:53 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Rod Stewart's Wife Penny Lancaster Bans Sons From Eating Sugar


Rod Stewart's wife Penny Lancaster has revealed she has banned their sons from eating sugar.

As she prepares to start a stint on ITV's Loose Women, the mum-of-two said she is determined that her sons, Alastair, eight, and three-year-old Aiden will eat healthily because she regards sugar as being as 'addictive as cocaine'.

Penny, 43, told the Mail: "There are all these people who buy low-fat because they think it's healthier but they just replace the fat with sugar.

"It's crazy. Sugar is more addictive than cocaine. It sets off the same receptors in the brain. It's a killer.

"I'll go to a burger joint with them maybe once a month but I think if you start educating kids early and cook fresh food then they grow up with healthy food being the norm.

"You can make healthy versions of kids' favourites. I'll make chicken nuggets but use fresh breast of chicken, egg, flour and bread it.

"During the day I don't mind them having freshly squeezed fruit juice or water with a splash of cordial in it but at night time it's water only."

And Penny said her strict regime is working, saying: "At Halloween, Alastair collects as much candy as all the other kids but only eats a few pieces, then leaves the majority outside his bedroom door at night.

"Then, like the Tooth Fairy, the 'candy fairy' comes and replaces the sweets with money, for him to buy a gift for himself!"

Penny added: "Even calling sweet things treats is a bit bizarre. How can something bad be a treat?
At school they've banned children bringing in sweet things for birthday treats because you have a birthday every day and the kids would just sit there eating sugar."

"I get so angry that the food industry is targeting children.

"There are cartoon characters on food packages. Sugar is like the tobacco industry 30 years ago. It's highly addictive.

"So you get kids addicted to sugar and you get them set up for a bad future; a lifetime of addiction. They will be craving it so they won't have a choice.

"I had a serious talk with Alastair the other day. I said, 'In my day there used to be smoking everywhere and now it's been cut down'.

He went, 'Oh, I'll never smoke, Mummy, because I want to be fit'. And I said, 'Yes, but you don't understand that sugar can be just as dangerous which is why I'm so strict'."


• Penny and Rod are vice-presidents of the Royal National Institute for the Blind. For more information, go to RNIB