Autumn Home Trends That Won't Go Out Of Fashion

Stylish And Timeless Ideas To Give Your Home An Autumn Update

As autumn arrives, we're not only rethinking our wardrobes (out with the sandals, in with the boots), we're also wondering how to integrate new-season home trends (that are timeless and won't go out of fashion) into our interiors.

"As the seasons change so too do our tastes," explains Sigma London senior designer, Urszula Russek. "With a small design touch or refresh to reflect the seasons, we are able to enliven and revitalise our homes throughout the year without a complete overhaul."

Easy ways to add an autumnal feel to your space? Russek recommends adding cosy touches to your home - a thick, colourful rug, heavyweight curtains and downy pillows all add a comforting update, while something as simple as dimming the lights changes the ambiance of your home.

"Remember, low level light will make the space feel cosy and welcoming, so turn off the main lights this autumn," Russek advises.

Another way to change your space to stay in tune with the new season is with colour, says interior designer and founder of the Baxter showroom in London's Mayfair, Anna Grace Davidtson.

"During the autumn months of the year it is a big trend to update the home with the colour palette of the season. Rich in gorgeous natural shades such as warm beige, golden brown and sage green, these are all hues which can be incorporated into the scheme of a home.

"However, the season also lends itself well to more neutral shades which offer an easy and timeless subtlety," she explains.

Click through the slideshow below for expert tips from Russek and Davidtson, as well as interior designer Kelly Hoppen, and easy ideas on how to integrate timeless autumn home trends into your space this season.