Soggy Biscuit Catcher Is Clearly The Greatest Teatime Gadget Ever

Teasmaid? Move over. Pyramid teabag? Forget it.

This is clearly the greatest tea-related gadget ever.

No one plans for a dunked biscuit to go soggy and fall into the mug. But we are all human. We all, from time to time, leave the Rich Tea in hot tea for slightly too long. And we all know the pain when it falls, and flops into a weird puddle at the bottom of the cup, threatening to enter your mouth with every sip.

This thing stops that. Meet the Cookie Catcher - a teabag with a built-in biscuit net.

Designed by Andrew Tinsley, it's described as "a unique, inexpensive, innovative new product that will solve all your biscuit dunking dilemmas".

Here's how it works: