17/09/2014 10:13 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Teenage Pen Pals Marry After Being Reunited Online

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A couple who exchanged heartfelt letters as teenagers have married after rediscovering one another as adults on a dating website.

Piper Goodeve, 35, and Gabriel Vaughn, 36, bonded over letters while in high school, when Piper was living in New Hampshire and Gabriel in neighbouring Massachusetts.

A mutual friend who knew that both of them wanted to become actors suggested they get in touch to talk about their ambitions. Piper quoted from Shakespeare in her first letter, and Bard-lover Gabriel quickly wrote back.

"To get this letter was like finding a kindred spirit," Gabriel recalled to the New York Times.

For the next four years, the pair kept up a keen correspondence - although a strictly platonic one, as both of them were in relationships at the time. They met only once, when Piper came to see Gabriel perform in a production of The Tempest.


But they grew older and life began to get hectic, and they lost touch in 1997. Over the next few years, they had no way of knowing that their lives were running in parallel.


At the behest of a friend, in 2011 single Piper decided to try online dating service OK Cupid, which suggests matches for members based on compatibility. Little did she know that Gabriel had also signed up - until the site matched them, giving them a compatibility rating of 9423FFEB00&videoControlDisplayColor=%23191919&shuffle=0&isAP=1">