EE Announce Huge iPhone 6 Pre-Order Lifeline For Phones 4U Customers

EE has announced a last-minute plan to throw anyone who pre-ordered an iPhone through Phones4U a lifeline.

The 4G network told HuffPost it has "ring-fenced" enough new iPhone 6 units to offer them immediately to anyone whose order was lost when the reseller collapsed on Sunday.

If you have a receipt for your lost pre-order, you just need to call up EE with your unique identifying number, and they'll get you signed up pronto. You can also do it in-store.

EE says if you order your phone now you could get it on launch day -- ie, tomorrow.

The ambitious plan apparently includes enough iPhones to cover everyone who pre-ordered a device on EE, via Phones4U, "and more" -- though EE won't be specific on how many phones it has. Somewhere between 'a few' and 'many', we'd guess.

If you're still scrambling to get an iPhone 6 by tomorrow it might be your last best bet. Other than actually going to a store and standing in line, of course.

Which is totallyokay, by the way.

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