Underpants Called 'Hiders' Will Help Men Conceal Their Unstoppable Erections


Gone are the days when you strategically placed a cushion over your crotch, chaps. Now your unwanted erection can be carefully concealed inside a reinforced man pouch.

Called Hiders, the y-front shaped underwear has a reinforced cup, which, the video says, will help protect you during bikini season. They are made from milk protein and fabric, and lest you worry that everything is going to get murky and squashed, there are air pockets for ventilation.

The press release (yes, this is not joke) reads: "Developed by creative agency, Friends, for Ali Kaps, ‘Hiders,’ are a specially designed brief made with a built in pouch and seamless polyurethane foam pad that expands and contracts depending on the level of excitement, thus concealing any variance in size."

Lev Bezhik, head of design, Hiders, says: “Every man has found himself in that awkward position where he has has been excited in a public place, compromising his situation. Ali Kaps invited me to design a new product for them that will help manage these occasions. Hiders are the result and allow the wearer to enjoy the moment and without embarrassment.”


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