19/09/2014 06:43 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Modern Fatherhood Captured In Photos


Dads might be forgiven for thinking that they sometimes gets short shrift in the media, with their parenting role either overlooked or confined to a series of narrow stereotypes.

Now, thanks to a project called Daddy Doin' Work, fatherhood is being celebrated in photos which capture dads playing a part of every aspect of a child's life.

Daddy Doin' Work was founded by Doyin Richards, a Los Angeles dad of two girls, three-year-old Emiko, and Reiko, 14 months.

After deciding to take time off work to spend time with his daughters last October, Doyin started a blog called Daddy Doin' Work to share his experiences of parenting, imagining that it would mostly be read by friends and family.

All that changed after a photo of himself combing his older daughter's hair with baby Reiko strapped to his chest went viral in January. Since then, Doyin has quit his job to concentrate on blogging, and has just released a book entitled Daddy Doin' Work: Empowering Mothers to Evolve Fatherhood.

Doyin uses his website and social media platforms to share images of hands-on dads from all walks of life.

"I'm completely convinced that there are more good fathers out there than bad ones," he explains on his website. "And I want to use my platform to celebrate these men, push the ones who need improvement (including me) to be better, and to recognize the amazing women they partner with.

The DDW Instagram account has received hundreds of submissions showing dads doing everything from cooking to golfing to manicures with their kids. Here are some of our favourites: