Cuddlr: The Dating App For Cuddles

Cuddlr: The Dating App For Cuddles

There's a new mobile phone app doing the rounds and it's been coined the "Tinder of cuddles."

Cuddlr is the latest location-based app created for those looking for hugs from complete strangers.


It's pretty simple - the app finds you a person in walking distance who is also game for a random cuddle. You send a request, you meet, you hug, you take an optional photo and you go your separate ways. Voila.

So far, so creepy right? But the idea is that this app is less about hooking up (sexually) and more about snuggling and, er, spooning.

Cuddlr's creator, Charlie Williams says: "It is possible to report someone who cuddles inappropriately, and we encourage first-time pairs to do their cuddling in a public place.

"Users can give information about their cuddling preferences such as if they favour being the little or big spoon."


"On Cuddlr, you get together straight away, have a little cuddle, and then part ways. If you want to hang out again, you can exchange information then and there - but you already know what kind of cuddles they give" Williams says.

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