22/09/2014 12:59 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Jason Manford's Naughty Daughter Gets A Ticking Off...From The Tooth Fairy


Comedian Jason Manford reckons he's come up with a strategy to get his kids to behave better – threaten them with the wrath of the Tooth Fairy!

The dad
posted a letter to Facebook that he'd written to his daughter, who was being naughty, 'from the tooth fairy.'

He the Tooth Fairy wrote: 'I'm sorry I didn't take your tooth and leave you some money, but when I arrived at your house at 10pm you and your sister were still awake and being naughty for your dad.

'I have a very strict rule not to give money to naughty children. I will try again tomorrow night and hopefully when I arrive you will have been a good girl all day.

'I'm surprised at you because when I spoke to Father Christmas this morning he said you were such a good girl, I'd hate to tell him otherwise.

'Regards, The Tooth Fairy.'

And the plan worked! Jason, who has four-year-old twin girls, wrote the next morning: "Daughter could not have been any more well behaved this morning before school. Thanks Tooth Fairy!"

But not everyone agreed with Jason's plan to get his daughter to behave. Some Facebook users Jason of 'blackmailing' his daughter into being good.

One wrote: "Writing a letter like that from the 'tooth fairy' to blackmail a child into submission is pretty low. And its conflicting as well. Santa says she's good but the tooth fairy doesn't? How can a young child make sense of that?"

The criticism obviously strung the comic, because he followed up his post with a confession, writing: 'Ok, I'm gonna come clean. I wasn't going to because my tooth fairy letter post got 122,000 likes but I can't live a lie!

'Once I'd written that initial letter I lay in bed and imagined my daughter's reaction the next day! Then I thought 'well no, she was naughty and needs to learn'. After an hour of this I rewrote the letter:

'Dear Miss Manford,

I nearly didn't come last night to take your first tooth because you were up so late and being naughty. But myself, Santa & the Easter Bunny all know that usually you are such a good girl that hopefully this naughtiness was just a one off.

'I spoke to your Dad and he spoke very highly of you, he said that the other day you'd tidied your room by yourself & got a "I'm a star" sticker for being so great in your new class. So on this one occasion I am prepared to believe your Dad & forgive you for being naughty.

Here is £1!

Love the tooth fairy!'

To which, we imagine his daughter replied: "ONE POUND? Is that all? Kids in my class are getting £2 at least."

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