MRI Time-Lapse Video Of Baby Being Born

MRI Time-Lapse Video Of Baby Being Born
American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology

What happens inside the womb at the moment a baby is born has been captured in an incredible time-lapse video.

The footage is made up of stills taken by a Magnetic Resource Imaging (MRI) machine as a 24-year-old woman gives birth.

MRI doesn't use harmful radiation like X-rays and CT scans do, allowing the technicians to take multiple images of the birth without putting the baby at risk.

The images were compiled into stop motion footage, which shows the baby being born at a slightly faster speed than it occurred in real life.

The white patch below the baby's head at the start of the video is the un-ruptured amniotic sack with the amnioitc fluid inside - which shows that this mother's waters didn't break until the very last minute.

The footage stops just as the baby is about to leave the mother's body - because MRI machines are pretty noisy and the doctors didn't want to risk damaging the newborn's hearing.

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The video is part of a paper published in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology.

The authors say they filmed the footage to come to a better understanding of the anatomy of delivery, and they hope that in the future 'MRIs could be used to assess whether vaginal delivery is going ok or whether an intervention is needed'.

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