Revamp Your Kitchen For Under £200

If you're spending every moment daydreaming about granite worktops and kitchen islands but don't have the budget for a full-scale kitchen overhaul, there are still plenty of ways to revamp your kitchen for under £200 that will breathe new life into your favourite room.

"If there's one thing that would give your kitchen a completely new look, it's painting the doors of your kitchen units," says DIY expert and founder of Home Jane, Jo Behari. "That will really transform your kitchen."

When it comes to colours, Behari recommends sticking to a neutral palette in whites and creams for kitchen units - especially if you're thinking about optimising the resale value of your home in the long-term.

"Go neutral if possible on the doors themselves, because if you think about it, there are a lot of units in the kitchen," she says. "If you go for bright red on the doors, it can be a bit overwhelming."

Of course, adding a pop of colour can spruce up a tired-looking kitchen, but the places to get adventurous are splashbacks and worktops.

Anything goes, but Behari's favourite kitchen-friendly hues are light grey and aqua colours: "They suit the kitchen environment without looking garish."

There are plenty of other ways to give your kitchen a new feel without splashing the cash, like swapping your kitchen hardware or updating some of your appliances.

Don't miss Behari's expert tips on revamping your kitchen for under £200 in the slideshow below - and find out how to make these DIY changes without hiring a professional.