Schoolgirl Amputee Asks Doctors To Remove Other Foot - So She Can Run Faster

Schoolgirl Amputee Asks Doctors To Remove Other Foot - So She Can Run Faster

A schoolgirl amputee has asked surgeons to remove her other leg so that she can run faster.

Danielle Bradshaw, 15, had her right leg removed in 2010 after a congenital disorder left it useless.

She now wants to have her other leg amputated so that she can fulfil her dream of competing in the paralympics.

After Danielle, from Tameside, Greater Manchester, had her right leg amputated, she was fitted with a prosthetic limb, which meant she no long needed a wheelchair.

She started sprinting on a running blade - but the strain on her other leg is causing her constant pain and slowing her down.

So she now wants her left leg removed so she can run with two prosthetics and achieve her dream of competing in top-level Paralympic events.

Danielle said: "Getting the running blade made everything a lot better. It enabled me to get into more sports and opened up a lot of activities for me that I couldn't do before.

"I want to become really good at what I do - the discus, shot and running. I want to get better like anyone else would want. I'll take anything to fix it, though. Nothing will stop me doing my sport."

Danielle's stepfather Darren Quigley, 53, told the Mail: "We always thought the good leg was good and that was it, but in the last two years it's taken a lot of strain.

"She's taking daily medication, wearing ankle and knee braces and even has a plate under her knee to support her. It's all slowing her down.

"Danielle just wants to run and won't let anything hold her back. Not even her foot. She will be a paralympian one day but she needs this procedure to improve her times."

Danielle was born with developmental dysplasia of both hips and a dislocated right knee.

The condition meant that her hips would frequently dislocate and her right leg was unstable.

At two months old, doctors cut tendons in her leg and operated more than 12 times in an attempt to improve her quality of life, but Danielle still had to use a wheelchair to get around.

When she was 11, Danielle shocked friends and family by asking doctors to amputate the crippled leg so she could take up athletics.

Soon after the operation at Sheffield Children's Hospital in September 2010, Danielle was fitted with a prosthetic leg, presented to her by TV host, Fern Britton.

Danielle then took up running 100m sprints and was soon competing across the county.

She picked up a number of medals and has now set her sights on the Rio Paralympic Games in 2016 – but she believes she has to lose her left leg to achieve that.

Darren added: "Danielle's said to the surgeon that if they won't amputate she'll go elsewhere. No is not a word in her dictionary. If she wants something, she's going to get it.

"Sport is her life and she doesn't want it taken away from her. It would devastate her.

"She loves the freedom of running. What child wouldn't?"

Her family hope that the hospital will make a decision on the amputation by next month.

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