‘Big Brother' Couple Kimberly And Steven Engaged And Planning ‘Katie Price Style' Wedding

Who Saw This 'BB' Engagement Coming?

When Kimberly Kisselovich and Steven Goode began their ‘Big Brother’ romance, fans were quick to suggest it would be rather short-lived - though it looks like everyone was wrong.

After leaving the ‘BB’ house, Kimberly moved into Steven’s home - where he lives with his parents - and the couple have now announced their engagement.

Steven and Kimberly

Steven even managed to plan a ‘BB’-themed engagement, tricking Kimberly into returning to the house at the Elstree Studios by sending her a fake invitation about making a short film there.

When Kimberly arrived at the house, she was called into the Diary Room, where Steven proposed before leading her to the garden, where their friends and family were waiting.

Kimberly’s barely had time to try her engagement ring on, but Steven has already started planning their big day.

Speaking to the Daily Star, he states: “It will be Katie Price style, of course.

"I always dreamed of a having a £1million wedding. There will be huge parties over four days with a massive fireworks display. Watch this space."

The couple’s romance was one of the hot topics of discussion in the ‘BB’ this summer, and the pair even consummated their relationship on the show, after Steven uttered those two little words… “Open it”.


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