23/09/2014 11:35 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Family Welcome First Baby Girl In A Century


A dad is celebrating the birth of the first girl born in his family in just over a century.

The last time a girl was born into the Silverton family was 1913 - when King George V was on the throne, women didn't yet have the right to vote and maternity pay had just been introduced.

But Jez Silverton and his partner Danielle Andrews put an end to the girl drought at 8.45pm on Tuesday, September 9, when Danielle gave birth to a 8lb 11oz daughter, who the couple have called Poppy.

"For decades, it has always been all boys in the family," Jez, a farmer from Tiverton, told the Mid Devon Gazette. "I have one brother, three uncles and six male cousins."

Before Poppy was born, Jez and Danielle looked set to uphold the family tradition for boys, as they also have two sons, Harry, six, and Oscar, four.

Up until now, family members have never struggled to predict the gender of the bump when a partner is expecting.

"It's always a 50/50 chance, you could flip a coin to guess but it just so happens up until now, our family has only had boys," said Jez.

"My mother was so convinced I was going to say it was a boy, she didn't seem to realise what I'd said until five minutes later."

The last woman to be born into the Silverton family was Jessie Silverton, who was born in London in 1913.

Jez and Danielle now feel as if their family is complete and don't plan on having any more children.

"Danielle really, really wanted to have a little girl and now we do," said Jez. "I think we'll stop there!"

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