Man Uses Grinder To 'Fix' His iPhone 6

Man 'Fixes' iPhone 6 Camera With Grinder

Apple's iPhone 6 may be the most popular iPhone Apple's ever made but it's certainly proving to be one of the most divisive when it comes to the design.

One particular issue for contention has been the camera bulge. Whereas before with every previous iPhone the camera sat inside the body, the iPhone 6 now has a camera bulge to accommodate that large sensor.

It has irked some people, so much so that a few have gone to some extreme lengths to 'solve' the problem.

The people over at YouTube Channel PeripateticPandas believe they have found a solution which is to quite simply, grind the camera off.

It's a brutal form of alteration we'll agree and it's almost certainly going to void your warranty but by the looks of it they got the job done.


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