Moon Landings Still Not Faked, Nvidia Proves With Computer Graphics


We already knew the Moon Landings weren't a hoax. Why? Because of the last 45 years of proof, technological advancement, insight and learning.

We also had logic.

Well, if there's a few of you stragglers who still believe the Moon Landings didn't occur, we have further bad news for you: Nvidia has looked into it too - and they also think it happened.

Nvidia used its latest graphics architecture, Maxwell, to recreate the moment that Neil Armstrong photographed Buzz Aldrin climbing from the Lunar module down to the Moon's surface in the Unreal Engine 4 graphics suite.

The findings essentially proved that the sun's rays came from behind the lander and bounced off the Moon and Armstrong's suit, lighting up Aldrin. Why does this matter? Because conspiracy theorists had previously argued Aldrin must have been lit by a studio light, since he was standing in the shadow of the Lunar lander at the time.

There's more detail over at Nvidia's blog, along with a host of images. But if you're not convinced by their work, here are some more proofs:

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