'Never Teach Your Wife To Drive' Clip: Can A Driving Lesson Disrupt The Happiest Marriage?

Many people turn into either monsters or nervous wrecks when they first sit behind the wheel, but imagine what can happen when that driver is inexperienced AND the instructor is their spouse…

This hair-raising documentary follows three couples out on the road, exposing all the drama and mayhem of a driving lesson, but without the restraint of a professional instructor.

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In Hertfordshire, 31-year-old Greg is teaching his partner and stay-at-home mother-of-three Becky, 33, how to drive. If she passes her driving test, Greg has said he will propose.

In Guisborough, Cleveland, 28-year-old Yaveli and 36-year-old Matt live with their son Rio and cat Mimi. Yaveli usually wears the trousers, but for the first time in their three-year-old marriage Matt is finally able to tell his hot-tempered Latina wife what to do and she has to listen.

Childhood sweethearts Yasmin (21) and John (25) live in Wigan with their baby daughter Della. Yasmin runs the house and takes no nonsense. Even when she is in the in the passenger seat, she will lean across to press the horn if aggrieved by other drivers. As a driver, however, Yasmin has never ventured out on to the road before, so John begins by taking her for endless spins around a car park.

'Never Teach Your Wife to Drive' – Thursday 9pm, Channel 5.