24/09/2014 05:35 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

​Beyonce And Jay Z Share Video Montage Of Their Lives

Beyoncé and Jay Z shared an amazing video montage of their lives together on the final night of their On The Run tour on Monday. Emotional is an understatement. You have to see this.

"This is Real Life" flashed across the stadium screen before the couple showed footage of everything from them dating way back when, their engagement (check that ring), the wedding, Bey showing off her pregnancy bump, the moments after Blue Ivy's birth and her first steps.

We refuse to even go there with the split rumours - because this video and every single performance throughout their tour proves that they couldn't be more together.


And if you watch closely (we've had this on repeat since it landed on YouTube) from the moment Beyoncé breaks into Jay's rendition of 'Young Forever' into her song 'Halo' where we see more beautiful images of Blue - she's got her hand over her tummy the whole time.

Was this them hinting at a second pregnancy? Please say yes.

Bey and Jay worked the stage together for their final gig of their 21-date tour before mouthing "we did it". Yes they did.

You only have to check out to see that Bey is very cool with giving her fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse of her incredible life.

What's next for this couple: a full-length collaborative album? Another tour? Another baby? We want to see all of the above.

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Beyonce's Intimate Pregnancy Photo