16 Fashion Fixes Every Woman Should Know

Once You Read This You May Never Suffer With Blisters Again

Whether you're dealing with blisters from a pair of painful shoes, a rip in your tights or a bra that digs into your shoulders, us women are forced to contend with a series of annoying fashion niggles on a daily basis. Happily, we have some expert advice on the must-know fashion fixes to solve them.

In fact, a recent survey of 2,000 women conducted by Triumph Lingerie found that on average, females experience at least six annoying niggles on a daily basis, with 38% complaining about ill-fitting lingerie, often associated with uncomfortable underwired bras.

We can list a few more: foot pain after running around in heels, popping a button right before a big meeting, getting make-up all over your collar as you try to change your shirt - the list of fashion mishaps that can happen at any given moment is endless. But anything can be solved if you're prepared.

"One clever trick I use is to always carry a mini-fashion tool kit with me," explains fashion guru, TV host and the owner of Start London boutiques, Brix Smith Start.

"I make sure to have different sizes of safety pins, white thread, dark thread, a needle and a Band-Aid or two - just in case, like the mini hotel sewing kits."

From styling fixes (how do I take an outfit from day to night?) to avoiding fashion disasters (how to banish deodorant marks for good), Smith Start shares her top fashion fixes that every woman should know in the slideshow below.


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