FIFA 15 Has The Most Amazing Bug

FIFA 15 isn't even out yet and already some PC users are reporting a hilarious bug in the game which results in every single player running for the ball, all the time.

The very funny and probably quite frustrating bug appears to only affect those users on PC and results in the game becoming almost unplayable as every single person -- referee and goalkeeper included -- leg it for possession.

Angry gamers have already gone to EA's forums to complain about the bug, demanding a patch to fix the game.

It's important to note that the game hasn't officially launched yet, FIFA 15 has a UK release date of 26 September which suggests that many of the people playing the game have downloaded it illegally.

There's been no official comment yet from EA however considering the company's inventive trick on dealing with pirated versions of SIMS 4 there's every possibility that this bug is in fact a deliberate feature implemented to prevent illegal downloading of the game.