24/09/2014 06:32 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Kirsten Dunst Highlights The Downside Of Being A Celebrity

While some celebrities relish fame and the selfies that come with it, (Kim Kardashian's Instagram page is the best example) others come up with clever ploys to avoid being recognised as much as possible.

Take Michelle Dockery. The Downton Abbey star recently revealed she's got an American alter-ego who just so happens to resemble her character Lady Mary Crawley. Clever.


Hollywood star Kirsten Dunst has gone one step further than this. The 32-year-old actress appears in a short film called Aspirational directed by Matthew Frost for Vs. magazine.

The aim? In just a couple of minutes, Dunst highlights two things: 1. Society is obsessed with social media and self-promotion and 2. Celebrities are too easily objectified.

The film shows Dunst waiting for a taxi outside her home when she's approached by car full of fans who only have one thing on their mind - taking a selfie.

Instead of asking if Dunst would mind having her photo taken with them, the girls quickly get out of the car and start snapping away. When Dunst tries to strike up polite conversation by asking if they might have any questions for her, she is simply ignored. Lovely.

This video isn't a mere celebrity sob story - it's an apt depiction of our culture today.

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Watch below to hear Dunst speak about her nude photo leak:

Kirsten Dunst On Nude Photo Leak: