24/09/2014 07:33 BST | Updated 24/09/2014 07:59 BST

Snapchat Sued By Sisters Who Became Face Of 'Sexting' App

Snapchat is about to get sued by the two people that helped give the app a 'human face'.

According to TMZ, Sisters Sarah and Elizabeth Turner are suing the company after they appeared in one of the first promotional pictures for Snapchat.

If you Google 'Snapchat sluts' the likelihood is that both sisters will appear. Their image has since become synonymous with the app's reputation for sending nude pictures.

Unsurprisingly both sisters are now pretty upset about how things have turned out, having claimed that they originally posed for the photos as a 'favour' for Snapchat's found Evan Spiegel.

They're claiming that the photos were edited from the original takes in order to make the scene look more 'risque'.

So what do the sisters want? Well according to TMZ they'll be asking for a share of the profits, which is a lot considering Snapchat was recently valued at $10 billion...