'Tilt Brush' Lets You Paint In 3D

The reason you don't ever create art with your gadgets isn't because you're not creative. No, it's because you don't have enough tools. Those amazing drawing apps, music creation suites and brilliant styluses just aren't enough - you need something new, something 3D, and something expensive.

To that eternally futile end, enter the Tilt Brush - an astonishing piece of tech, but perhaps not the tool that will transform you from a lazy wannabe to an actual artist.

The Tilt Brush is a creative app for Oculus Rift-style virtual reality headsets. It includes a number of tools, from straightforward brushes to lights, stars and smoke, allowing you to create structures and spaces to view through your VR headset - and even export as GIFs.

It's clearly a work in progress (and at this point it's not clear if you're painting with a literal brush, your hands or a mouse). But it's a neat insight into where creativity tools are heading, so that you can buy them and then not use them in years to come.

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