#Bendgate iPhone 6 Scandal Is Now A Full-On Mainstream Meltdown

We Are Now In Full-On #Bendgate Meltdown

The iPhone 6 is spontaneously bending of its own accord in the pockets of millions of users around the world!

That's if you believe the red tops, who are in full-on meltdown about the controversy surrounding apparently real, but not necessarily widespread, durability issues with the iPhone 6.

And despite evidence that the issue is at worst affecting a small number of users with exceptionally tight trousers (and also affects any other phone made of bendable aluminium), this issue isn't going away.

Take the press reports themselves. Metro writes this morning that the device "suffers damage from even the slightest pressure on its light but 'weak' aluminium frame".

That stands somewhat in contrast to the video which sparked the controversy, in which an iPhone user bends his phone with extreme pressure until it "hurts" to make his unit bend.

Metro also said that customers had "flooded" social media with complaints, while quoting a single affected user (who coincidentally runs a gadget blog, URL quoted in full).

The Daily Mirror placed the issued on its front page, while The Sun also dedicated a page (and a few decent puns) to the coverage. All used the same picture to illustrate the issue, taken from a video in which a man deliberately applies huge amounts of pressure until it "hurts" to bend his phone.

However the best of the tabloid reports comes from the Daily Mail, which noted that the issue was a "debate" rather than a clear-cut travesty, and also said that similar issues are affecting other phones made of the same material.


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