Friends' 20th Anniversary: Rachel's Hair, Ross's Pet Monkey... Test All Your 'Friends' Knowledge In Our Bumper Quiz!

It's been a jaw-dropping 20 years since six telegenic 20-somethings parked themselves in the same proximity of New York's Greenwich Village.

Over 10 record-breaking seasons, Joey, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Ross and Phoebe proved it was possible to survive all sorts of seeming disasters - your ex-wife running off with another woman, your father becoming a transvestite stripper, your leather trousers getting stuck while you're on a date - as long as you've got your friends to help you through.

Who DID Gunther come dressed as for the Friends' Halloween Party?

Although they said goodbye in 2004, 'Friends' have never really gone away, with re-runs on re-play all over the world. So there's no excuse, really, for failing at our bumper 'Friends' quiz, below, testing your knowledge on all 10 seasons of the hit show.

So, with no further delay, click on our quiz and see if you can beat our office aficionado, who scored a stunning 43 out of 50. Go on, ask yourself...

Celebrate Friends’ 20th anniversary with episodes daily from 5pm on Comedy Central and the 'Friends' 20th Anniversary Box Set (The Beginning, The Middle and The End) is out now.

And here they all are... don't they look young?!