They Can't Bite Through Clothes And Are Attracted To The Smell Of Blood - Mosquito Myths Debunked

This summer, the mosquito population in Britain has thrived more than usual. The reason? A warmer climate in the UK, resulting in an influx of the insects.

Currently the little biters will be looking to settle down for Autumn, however before they do, they'll be looking for their last feed...

Currently, around 1 in 4 people are regularly bitten by mosquitoes in this country, but nearly a third said they never wear any insect repellent when in the UK - could it be time to start?

A new study by Incognito has found there are a variety of common misconceptions amongst the general public when it comes to the insects.

So, to clear this up (and make sure you avoid being bitten this season) we've debunked some of the most common mozzy myths...

Myth #1: Mosquitoes can only bite exposed skin.

Nearly 1 in 5 Brits believe that mosquitoes can only bite exposed skin. The truth is, however, that mosquitoes can actually bite through clothing - albeit clothing made from thin material.

If you're wearing your thickest jumper then you're probably safe, as they might have a problem getting stuck in.

Myth #2: Mosquitoes aren't common in the UK.

Over a quarter (26%) of Londoners think that mosquitoes are not very common in the UK. The reality is that there are 34 different species of mosquito in the UK at present, 18 of which can potentially transmit malaria.

Scientists have also discovered that warmer ambient temperatures and more water containers in gardens are bringing mosquitoes into closer contact with people.

Myth #3: Mosquitoes are attracted to skin because of the smell of blood.

Nearly a fifth (18%) of people in the capital think that mosquitoes are attracted to skin because of the smell of blood. Actually, mosquitoes aren't attracted to the red stuff. But they are attracted to the following:

:: Carbon dioxide output. Basically whenever you breathe out, the insects come flying

:: Heat. Dr. Jonathan Day from the University of Florida says that before mosquitoes can take a bite they have to find an area of the body where the blood is close to the surface. Common areas include the forehead, wrists, elbows and neck.

:: Dark clothing. Jonathan suggests to avoid any dark denim or all-black outfits.

And there you have it, mosquito myths - debunked! Here's hoping you'll have zero bites to contend with over the coming months.


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