Phones 4U Leaks Customer Email Addresses, Adding Insult To Injury In iPhone 6 Debacle

If You're Emailing 163 Customers With Bad News, Don't Hit 'Reply All'

Phones 4U just can't seem to get a break. Someone at the company tried to email all of its customers who pre-ordered the iPhone 6 -- only to discover that what they had in fact done was openly include all the email addresses as well.

To make matters worse the subject of the email was not that of good news. The company was letting people know that it would be unable to refund any credit card charges anyone might have incurred because of the fiasco.

Business Insider reports that almost immediately angry customers made full use of the 'Reply All' button, keeping everyone in the chain trapped in a potentially lengthy stream of complaints.

An employee at the company clearly tried to fix the situation by retracting the email but unfortunately managed to make the same mistake twice, creating two huge conversation chains where there had originally been one.

Phones 4U hasn't made any official comment on the incident but you can be sure that some serious words will probably be had to ensure that this doesn't happen again. Also, the entire company appears to be shutting down, so that's probably pretty much a given anyway.


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