Man Googles Himself, Discovers Long-Dead Version Of Himself

Man Googles Himself Discovers Ancient Doppelganger

Imagine Googling yourself and lo and behold you saw yourself. Not very surprising, except that actually it isn't you, it's a doppelganger of you from 70 years ago who is now long-dead.

It's a terrifying thought but one that reddit user 'zrunny' had to experience after he made the fatal error of typing in his own name on Google.

Immediately he was met with a person from over 70 years ago that shared his name and -- as you can see -- shared his image, right down to the facial hair.

Naturally many on the site are now claiming that he is in fact the first person to have invented time travel but of course he won't have invented it yet because he's as confused as everyone else.

As with all things of this nature it's fairly important to take this with a pinch of salt so there have, understandably, been some claims of the images being photoshopped.


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