26/09/2014 09:47 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Paris Hilton Attacked For Posting Childhood Photo Of Herself Dressed As A 'Playboy Bunny'

Paris Hilton has hit back after she was attacked for posting a childhood photograph of herself dressed as a 'Playboy Bunny' (her words, not ours!).


The celebrity heiress shared the snap of herself as a little girl for the Throwback Thursday hashtag.

But her caption caused outrage amongst some of her 12.9 million followers.

She wrote: "Dressing up as #PlayboyBunny for Halloween #BabyParis #ThrowbackThursday."

It immediately provoked a response from shocked fans, with one user saying 'That is wrong' and another branding the model a 'slut'.

However, three hours later, Paris turned to Twitter to defend herself and said her caption was a joke.

She wrote: "By the way, to all the people who can't take a joke. I was kidding. I wasn't really dressed as a #PlayboyBunny. I was 5 years old & had no idea what that was. I was just dressed as a bunny on Halloween."

One fan told Paris to ignore the haters, while another wrote: "You have nothing to prove to anyone @parishilton you are amazing, fabulous, blessed for the things you have and making more success everyday bless your heart babygirl, have a wonderful day."