Watch: People React To Seeing A Woman Give Birth

Watch: People React To Seeing A Woman Give Birth
YouTube/Niall Boylan

With their hands over their eyes and squeals of terror, you would be forgiven for thinking these people are watching a horror movie. But they are actually watching a live birth... and their reactions are hilarious!

Irish radio station 4FM challenged some childless men and women to watch a video of a woman giving birth.

Well, we say watch, but most of them actually spent a lot of time with their hands covering their eyes!

They all start off full of curiosity and they are intrigued to learn the woman has been in labour for 18 hours.

"Is that long?" one asks.

But their reactions quickly turn to pure horror as the woman on screen starts to push.

"I think I might cry!" says one woman.

Another states: "I am never doing this!"

Many are deeply confused about what they are seeing.

"What is that? It looks like a foof but then doesn't," says one woman as she squints at the screen.

"Is that its head? How does a baby come out?" enquires a man.

"Is that mucus?" ask another man.

"No, it's like a person," replies his companion.

Some of the men seem to think the woman in labour still has time to decide that she doesn't want a baby after all.

As the nurse tells the mum, 'We can see him,' one man says: "We don't want to see him! Push him back! What are you doing?!"

And in a separate viewing another man squeals: "Put it back, put it back!"

Watch the video below to see the reactions in all their glory:

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