Bodybuilder Aged 9 Does VERTICAL Press-Ups (Video)


Watch in amazement as this NINE-YEAR-OLD boy shows off his incredible strength by doing VERTICAL press-ups!

He's guaranteed to make you feel rather feeble about your own exercise routine!

Giuliano Stroe has been lifting weights since before he could walk. He has a dedicated following of fans who watch the videos his family post displaying his incredible feats of strength. As part of his two hours-a-day training, Giuliano, nicknamed the 'Romanian Hercules', demonstrates his ability to do 90 degree press-ups by doing a handstand on a wooden bar and then repeatedly lowering and raising himself with just the strength of his arms and shoulders.

The feat is both impressive and mesmerising. But not everyone is a fan. Many argue that the boy's parents, dad Iulian and mum Ileana, both fitness fanatics themselves, are pushing Giuliano and his seven-year-old brother Claudiu, too hard.

His ripped torso appears to have more muscle mass than that of boys twice his age, which some people claim is unhealthy for such a young child. Dad Iulian said: "Critics say that the boys won't grow properly, but there's no proof of that. Hard work and exercise are always good."