29/09/2014 12:21 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Halloween Costume Ideas: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

When it comes to Halloween fancy dress, it's always a case of go hard or go home.

Whether you're looking for something completely OTT and - let's face it - hideous (hello, 'Adult Zombie'), or an outfit that's a bit sexy ('Halloween Little Red Riding Hood' should do the trick) there really is a costume for everyone. And werewolf territory can easily be avoided thanks to one of our personal favourites - the Katniss Everdeen bodysuit.

Take a flick through this gallery for all your fancy dress inspiration this Halloween. Yes, they're heavy on the chiffon/plastic/pleather front - but who cares!?


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Sometimes a good old dress up cliche never fails (slutty nurse, zombie school girl, sexy skeleton) and you really can't go wrong with a catsuit or a pair of shredded fishnet stockings.

For something more unique, you can buy a standard costume and do some DIY customising to get the look you're after. Fake blood, fangs and face paint are essential - check out the tutorials above for make up and nail art inspo.

As for hair, think about a big backcombed bouffant 'do (perfect for doing naughty nurse or siren American soccer player) or something sharp and slicked-back (Bridezilla). Otherwise get yourself a wig that goes with your ensemble - think top-to-toe dressed to kill.

WATCH: Here's a few make up "How to" videos to get you more psyched about you look this year.