Man Controls LED Rave Suit With A NES Power Glove

We've seen boots that let you walk on the ceiling, gloves that give you Wolverine's claws but this has to be a first.

YouTube inventor Greg Sowell has created himself an LED rave suit with a difference, as rather than having a normal controller his suit is controlled by an NES Power Glove.

By utilising the retro classic he's able to control the bright LED tubes. OK so it's no state-of-the-art Daft Punk style creation but you have to applaud his ingenuity.

Sowell explains how he got the inspiration to build the suit saying, 'One of my favorite bands Hypercrush had a video where one of the guys was wearing a power glove that had lasers coming out of the ends.'

"I had already made a light suit, and thought…what a waste. I thought “Why not control the suit with the power glove?” And thus it was born."

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