This Tiny Drone Launches Off Your Wrist To Take Selfies

This Miniature Drone Is Also A Bracelet

This is Nixie, it's a wrist-mounted drone that can launch itself and start taking selfies using a tiny onboard camera.

Using flexible electronics Nixie's creator Christoph Kohstal, was able to develop a crude but functioning drone that can wrap around your wrist like a bracelet and then launch itself into the sky.

Nixie uses the Intel Edison chip, a tiny processor that's no bigger than an SD card. By utilising these tiny electronics Kohstal was able to build a form-factor small enough that the drone's arms can then wrap around the wrist.

So far the project is deep in the experimental stage but there is good news on horizon. The project was actually entered into Intel's Make It Wearable competition where it has become a finalist, securing $50,000 in funding as well as technical support from Intel itself.

While it's early days it's not hard to envisage the next generation of GoPro cameras being in fact mini-drones that could be launched from your wrist and would then follow you around.


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