Apple Releases Shellshock Fix For Mac

Apple has released a 'Shellshock' fix for Mac OS X Mavericks users. The update will fix a security flaw that could have allowed malicious code to enter the computers of advanced Mac users.

Apple points out that many normal users won't need to do anything as their computers are already protected, however those who have been tinkering with their Macs at the UNIX level will need to download the update in order to protect themselves.

'Shellshock' has been described as potentially more dangerous than the 'Heartbleed' bug which entered the limelight just a few months ago.

Rather than a virus, 'Shellshock' is simply a weakness in Bash, a shell which allows you to communicate with a UNIX-based operating system.

At present the two most popular UNIX-based operating systems are Apple's Mac OS and Linux.

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