30/09/2014 10:34 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Twins: The Reality Of Mornings With Two Babies (Video)


Parent of twin babies? This video is especially for you.

A dad of twins has become a hit online thanks to his brilliant video summing up an average morning with his babies in one minute, 26 seconds.

The clip, uploaded to YouTube with the message 'Twins - why breakfast takes longer time to prepare', shows the tired dad attempting to get breakfast organised (while in his dressing gown).

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But each ingredient he pulls from the fridge makes for play time for his twin babies, who take it in turns to crawl over and give each item (and the fridge) the once over – as their dad tries desperately to keep their paws off.

The funny video looks likely to be as big a hit as the famous 'twins at bedtime' clip from blogger Henriette Jonassen, who summed up bedtime with twins in her funny video.

In Henriette's clip, her twin babies are DESPERATE to sleep in the same room – despite their mum's best efforts...

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