01/10/2014 06:36 BST | Updated 01/10/2014 06:59 BST

Great White Shark VS Great White Shark Caught On Video

Adam Malski was out on his boat around 50 miles off the Australia coast when he caught something pretty incredible on camera: a Great White Shark fighting another Great White Shark.

The larger one, called 'Gilbert' measured in at a massive 4.8m and had pretty much set his sights on the bait that Malski had attached to his boat.

At the same time however a smaller Great White had formed a similar plan and the two sharks crossed paths at just the wrong time causing a spectacular display of ferocity between the two creatures.

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Both attacked at the same time, jaws outstretched as they tried to clamp down on the other in the hopes of causing a life-threatening injury.

According to Malski 'Gilbert' was seen again, however the smaller shark hasn't been seen since suggesting it either moved on after the ordeal or was eventually killed.

If there was ever a time you'd be thankful to be on a boat, that would have been it.