01/10/2014 12:46 BST | Updated 01/10/2014 12:59 BST

How To: Rip Perfect Audio Files

The time has come, the CD player has finally packed in and you've realised that actually you could have put it all on your iPhone years ago. If you're worried that in some way moving to the digital age will lessen that husky authenticity then fear not, the world isn't listening to low-quality MP3s anymore. Here's how to rip your CDs so they sound as good as you know they can.

Thanks to the cheaper cost of flash storage we can now fit larger files on our devices without having to worry as much about space.

This in turn means that the idea of having CD-quality audio on the go is also well within reach. Designated as simply 'lossless' audio files they allow you to rip CDs with no compression, that means they'll sound what many call 'studio quality'.

Getting hold of 'lossless' audio couldn't be easier either thanks to iTunes for Mac users and a variety of programs for Windows.

If you're curious about how to finally convert that CD collection then check out Tekzilla's video above which handily explains the difference between different audio types and gives you some pointers on the quickest way to start ripping.