02/10/2014 12:23 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

6 Ways To Keep Fit Without Leaving The House

You want to get fit, but can't psyche yourself up to step foot in a gym - does that sound familiar?

Whether you only ever make it to the gym twice a year or you refuse to pay the expensive membership fees, there are alternative ways to exercise without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Woman Practicing Yoga in her Living Room

All you need is a bit of space and a guide on where to find the best at-home workouts online. So we asked Sadie MacLeod, founder of the wellness website Hip & Healthy, to share her virtual fitness class recommendations.

Here are Sadie's top six:

Sleek Technique
Flik (a Broadway star at 17) and Victoria (a member of the Royal Ballet Company) provide the perfect fitness and dance workout designed to strengthen and support muscles and posture. Whether you tune in to live classes to be personally motivated (there's Sprint – 30 mins, £7, Compact – 45mins, £10 or Classic – 55mins, £12), or whether you stream a particular workout to suit your needs, be prepared to be sculpted like a true ballerina. It's fun feminine and fabulously sexy.
Instructor Live
Easy, accessible and suitable for all ages and abilities, choose from over 1000 'on demand' classes to suit your needs. Whether you desire a fitness session, weight-loss class or hardcore training plans such as 'Ripped' or 'The Ultimate Shred', be prepared to feel your best yet. If your system feels out of kilter, check out one of the specialist plans to encourage 'Better Sleep' 'Postnatal/Prenatal health' or 'Healthy Ageing'. There are even plans for those of us 'Short on time'. The healthy, happy you is closer than you think - for £5.99 a month.

Sadie MacLeod/Hip & Healthy

Founded by health and fitness guru Niki Rein, Barrecore's virtual classes were developed due to popular demand at the studio in London's Chelsea. Work and exhaust all muscle groups, then finish with elongated stretches to create a toned, tight and strong physique with reduced body fat and an increase in energy and wellbeing. Each class is different to suit your personal fitness and physique goals: why not alternate between 'Barrecore Bootcamp' and 'Barre Stretch' classes? Whatever your needs, be prepared to join a community of like-minded individuals working toward a common goal: to achieve a strong, lean physique and a better lifestyle. Oh, and did we mention having fun along the way? It's £4.00 per video/£25 per month.

Blogger and Pop Pilates instructor Cassey Ho has now enabled her passion for pilates to go global, with her free online YouTube videos. By experiencing her classes in the comfort of your own home, choose from her 'Body Focus' classes to isolate problem areas or enjoy her 'Series' selections where you can slim down into that cocktail dress, or become a virtual Victoria's Secret model.

Shiva Rea, Daily Energy; Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Shiva Rea is a yogini firekeeper, activist, global adventurer and leading innovator in the evolution of prana flow yoga. Thankfully her classes are not limited to those who live in Los Angeles – buy her DVD's to wake you, enliven you, calm you, sculpt you and strengthen you. Prices vary.

The Podium Effect
Now you don't have to feel intimidated by the gym and their costly memberships. Louise Hazel, Olympic heptathlete has designed 60 days worth of online workouts to provide the perfect solution. Only 30 minutes, you can achieve dramatic results anytime and anywhere. Inspired by her own Olympic training, expect to experience a mix of cardiovascular exercise and strength training to lose fat, increase muscle mass and lift and sculpt problem areas. Feel powerful, energized and in the best shape of your life. Plans cost £39.99.