02/10/2014 10:08 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Child Asks Strangers For A Lighter. Watch What Happens


A nine-year-old boy with a cigarette asks incredulous adults if he can 'borrow a light' in this funny and enlightening social experiment.

Nine-year-old Jensen was enlisted by YouTube channel 'whatever' which frequently conducts hidden camera social experiments to test the reaction of the general public to shocking situations.

And we've got to say, seeing a primary school pupil casually wielding a cigarette is pretty shocking!

The reactions range from understandable outrage to stunned compliance (something we've probably all been guilty of in unexpected situations).

In fact, the very first person Jensen asks for lighter initially responds to his request by exclaiming "But you're so young!" - but when the boy holds his ground, she offers to light his cigarette from her own.

Another hesitantly asks to see the clearly pre-pubescent kid's ID. "I don't wanna be an accessory to this," she says - understandably. Luckily, the woman sitting beside her is more forthright. "You shouldn't have those," she scolds, taking the cigarette from Jensen's hand.

Reassuringly, the majority of the strangers Jensen encounters refuse to give him a match or lighter, and many even confiscate his cigarettes or give him a lecture on the dangers of smoking.

"Then why do you do it?" Jensen asks after one telling off from a woman smoking her own cigarette. "Because I'm stupid," she answers.

While most of the people approached laugh off Jensen's request, one man's reaction gives pause for thought. "I started when I was seven years old," he admits. "And I wish I never would have started this."

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