02/10/2014 06:15 BST | Updated 02/10/2014 06:59 BST

#1DProposal: Harry Styles Helps Fan Propose To His Girlfriend During One Direction 'Where We Are' Tour Date

When we heard the words “Harry Styles” and “proposal” in the same sentence we were all set to congratulate the young star on his happy news - but thankfully it turns out it wasn’t Harry getting down on one knee after all.

In fact, it turns out he was just helping a man at one of his concerts in Atlanta to propose to his One Direction superfan girlfriend on Wednesday night.

one direction

One Direction on stage last month

It all started a day earlier, when a 1D fan named Bradley Chisenhall tweeted Harry and his bandmates to ask if he would help him pop the question to his girlfriend during their ‘Where We Are’ show in Atlanta, Georgia.

The group’s hardcore fanbase played their part in drawing the lads’ attention to his plea, going as far as to get #1DProposal trending on Twitter, with eagle-eyed fans then noticing that Harry had followed Bradley on the social media site.

And then, sure enough, Harry addressed the crowd during a break between songs on Wednesday night, saying: “I have a friend in the audience tonight. He’s called Bradley…”

one direction

The 1D superfan's emotional reaction gets a massive response from the crowd

At that point, Bradley then popped up on screen and got down on one knee in front of his surprised - and no doubt delighted - girlfriend, who wasted no time in accepting his proposal before jumping into his arms and provoking mass hysteria from the Directioners in the audience.

The band recently unveiled their new single ‘Steal My Girl’, though came under fire from some critics for its alleged similarity to a song by New Found Glory.

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