02/10/2014 11:41 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Young People Would Happily Donate HALF Their Earnings To Good Causes


Young people are compassionate, generous and unselfish, according to a new report (but us parents already knew that, didn't we?)

Yes, despite the image of the younger generation being self-obsessed, they are actually kind and altruistic – and would happily donate half their earnings to good causes.

A study of people born since 1982 found that the so-called 'Generation Y' is increasingly socially aware, and willing to give to good causes.

More than two thirds of those questioned said they would give away up to 50 per cent of their revenue, if they had their own business.

And the two key areas of concern were tackling poverty and helping the environment.

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The study was commissioned for the London launch of a global competition called The Venture, which is giving away a million dollars to the best social enterprise start-ups.

The researchers surveyed 2,000 professionals aged between 18 and 32. It formed part of a wider report by Oxford's Said Business School, which found young entrepreneurs want to solve problems, mainly in their own communities.

Many said they were frustrated by a lack of political solutions to problems like poverty, youth unemployment and the environment so wanted to do something about it themselves.

Almost one in 10 of the participants also said they have previously given up potentially lucrative professions to start such a business.

Soushiant Zanganehpour from the Said Business School said there had been a rise in 'social entrepreneurship': the idea that economic incentives and positive social change can - and should - go hand in hand.

He added: "Over the past two decades in particular, the phenomenon has gained significant traction, and in some cases is on the verge of mainstreaming into general business." The Venture will see a UK winner crowned in February who will then go into the global final in Silicon Valley, next June.

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